Holidays are over (POWER 5)

Last blog we talked about goal setting. This week lets talk about the Power 5. The Power 5  is your daily goals. These are the goals you set to reach your big goals. These goals are not your routine actions you do daily. These are the daily goals you need to do to reach you big goals. The Power 5 will guide you to you big goals.

Lets talk about what the Power 5 goals and and how to use them. Lets say your big goal is to loose 50 pounds. Your Power 5 May be:

  1. Workout in the A.M.
  2. Cardio
  3. Eat pre-made meals
  4. Drink water
  5. Go to bed at good time.

Maybe your Big goal is more sales. Your Power 5 could look something like this:

  1. Get up early
  2. Shake more hands
  3. Make 20 phone calls to potential clients
  4. Read 10 pages of a sales book
  5. Send 20 emails to potential clients

Be Specific, you don’t need to call 20 of your best friends.

This is a daily goal list. These are you main goals for the day. This is not a try to get done list. This is not at a boy pat on the back I got 3 of the 5 complete. You get them all complete of you don’t get the Win.

Write these goals on paper. Get a note book just for your Power 5 goals. Daily write the goals down. Check each goal off as you complete them. Once they are all completed put a BIG W for on that days goals.

Here is the other side of this. If you don’t complete each goal for that day put a BIG L on that days goals and try again tomorrow. The main reason for the list of 5 is to complete them. Once you get each goal 24 consecutively remove the goal and replace it with a new goal.

This is a guided way to reaching your larger goals in life. Every move you make needs to be for a reason. Goals help you towards that reason. We are building are ways towards investing. Remember, the main investment in you can make is in yourself.

Large Goals

Goals are made to be large. Setting large goals mean you have big dreams. if your goals are small you hit small goals. Who want to set small and hit them. Once you hit your small goals you have to reset your goals and start over. That gets old.

Lets talk about setting large goals. The goals you set have to do with the size of your dream. say your dream is to make one hundred thousand dollars a year. You need to set your goal higher than one hundred though sand dollars. It is a fact that you will probably make about half your gaol.

if you set you gaol to make one hundred thousand dollars you will make about fifty thousand. your goals have to be huge. They have to be unattainable. We are not talking about paying your car off goals here. We are talking about Life Goals. Where you want to be in 5 years goals. Goals you are DRIVEN and BURNING for.

These are the goals that you wake up thinking about. The goals you go to bed and dream about. Write yourself that check KNOWING that one day you WILL be able to cash it. When you wake up, before your feet hit the ground, you need to think of your dreams. If your a car guy think of the smell of the new leather from the seats.

Your goals have to be set super high. You want a plane? think about getting out of your car and walk g up to that plane. Visualize what the plane looks like. Visualize you getting on the plane. What does the leather look like. What does it feel like. what does the interior look like. Can you smell the leather. Can you visualize the plane.

Your goals at some point are gonna be monetary. When you set your goals Imagine what life will be like when you obtain these goals. I got a white board and in big letters I wrote down my goals. Where I want to be in 1 year. Where I want to be in 5 years and so on. Be specific. Go Big. The  bigger you go the better. think about it like this. say you set your goal for $500,000,000.00 and you reach $5,000,000.00, you still reached an awesome goal.

Next week we will talk about the Power 5. Stay tuned.

The Journey

Lets talk about beginnings. Like most people, I came from the middle class. My dad was an electrician. my mother worked for a bank downtown. We grew up in the country. we lived in a log cabin my dad and family had built by hand.

We lived a good life. I got new shoes and clothes before every year of school year. I ca n remember getting the 1st pair of Jordans thinking I was so cool. But really I was just the Husky kid at school. I was not popular by no means. I was known but not popular.

Like most I thought I was destined to be an electrician just like my dad. I went to college. College was a joke, I was one huge after high school party. While in college, my mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer. It was weird, we thought she was pregnant or something. I think my parents were trying to hide it from us kids.

The Dr. gave her 9 months to a year to live. she lived almost 6 months. worst time in my life. But long story short I became an electrician. Now there is nothing wrong with being an electrician. You can make up to $125,000.00 a year doing electrical work. Oh then there is the aspect of being a contractor. You’re  your own boss. Well, thats what you tell yourself. Really you are just a glorified employee of your own company. You get all the headaches

Thats exactly what I did. I studied and got a contractors license I have had this electrical company for close to 12 yrs. Now let me be honest. I have met some good people and made some really good money running this company. I have also ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches.

Me and my wife met a while ago. we have 5 kids, live in a nice house. My beautiful wife says everything we do in life is a stepping stone. We either step up or we step down. like to think of the electrical company as a stepping stone. Its my way to invest. This blog is my way of helping others to see that just because their family or parents were poor, they do not have to be poor. Someone once said, “being born poor is not your mistake, staying poor is”.

This blog will guide you through ways to invest. follow me as we can invest together.

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